Flexible & Fast Copper-Based Guide Services

Guide Services

Calumet Brass Foundry provides flexible, high-quality comprehensive guide services. Casting from certified metals, Calumet mixes copper-based metals exactly to customer specifications both large (2,200 lbs) and small (a few ounces). Calumet’s depth of experience and expertise, along with a full line of bar stock, makes 24-hour emergency services a reality.

Calumet stands apart from the competition’s guide services with its ability to safely and effectively metals appropriate for guide application. Prior to casting , clients are educated (including receiving Safety Data Sheets) on the benefits and hazards of these materials. Since 1995, Calumet Brass has met or surpassed local and federal agency standards for casting, allowing clients to experience the benefits to the customer requested specs, which include extended guide life through excellent lubrication.

The Calumet Brass Foundry guide service process is as follows:

1. Clients make contact about their copper-based guide needs.

2. The guide count is verified upon pick-up prior to re-melting, with a pre-determined amount of emergency guides made available.

3. A chemical analysis is performed to verify metal consistency using Calumet’s own certified and calibrated on-site spectrometers.

4. The guides are re-melted and processed with any metal loss replenished by Calumet as needed. Calumet will maintain chemical consistencies based on specifications.

5. Pick-up and deliver specifications are arranged. Wood patterns are stored to maximize pattern life, including periodic maintenance.

For more information about our guide services

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Replies are usually sent within 24 business hours.