Experienced Sand Casting.
Custom Casting Patterns.

Sand Castings

For more than a century, Calumet Brass Foundry has specialized in making durable and precise sand castings for clients Worldwide – including 24-hour turnaround for copper-based and aluminum emergency needs.

Our team consists of 9 employees, that together, are capable of producing a casting with a total mold weight of 3,550 lbs. in 24-48 hours if necessary.

Emergency service is our claim to fame. No one in the industry is better at responding to an emergency, than Calumet Brass.

Email us at sales@calbrass.com with the word RUSH in the title, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Calumet’s most-commonly poured metals are:

Red Brass • Aluminum 319 and 356 • Aluminum-Magnesium 535 • Tin Bronze • Manganese Bronze • Silicon Bronze • Aluminum Bronze

Clients receive maximum flexibility from more than 10,000 available patterns and the ability to create unique patterns based on customer specifications. To ensure quality, certified ingot or custom-mixed pure metals are used, along with an on-site calibrated spectrometer. Other sand casting-related services include rough / finish machining, cast-in / plugged / grooved graphiting, and chemical / physical certification upon request at the time of quote or order.

For more information about sand casting

Call (708) 849-3040 or fax a request to (708) 849-6343.
Replies are usually sent within 24 business hours.